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Curtin University of Technology
Curtin Abacus Labs

Room 325

Curtin University has special access computer facilities in Room 325 which is located on the Level 3 of Building 105 (library). Access to this Lab is restricted to those who have a disability and/or have particular requirements for using computers.


This room is available whenever the Library is open for use.

To use the computers in Room 325 you must have swipe card access, granted by University Counselling Services.


This room has been equipped with:

Full internet connectivity is available.

Specialist Equity Applications

PC Systems are equipped with:


Please report any problems with the equipment in the log book - Staff from Abacus Lab 303 visit Room 325 every weekday at 12 noon to ensure all the equipment is functional. They are able to assist with any problems Room 325 users may encounter.


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