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Abacus FAQ

About Abacus Labs

What are the Abacus Labs for?

Computer access and assistance for all Curtin students. There are hundreds of PCs, as well as printing and scanning facilities, all fitted with latest software and hardware. Use of the labs is supported by helpdesk staff who work extended office hours.

Where are the Abacus Labs located?

The Abacus Labs are located in buildings 303, 408 and 501. Room 325 is located within the library on Level 3.

How do I get into the Abacus Labs?

You will need to use your Curtin student ID card as a swipe card for access to the labs. All labs require a swipe card to enter, and you will also need to use your card to enter through one of the external building 303 doors (the other external door is locked after office hours). See also Why doesn't my swipe card let me into the labs?

Why doesn't my swipe card let me into the Abacus Labs?

There are three possibilities:

  1. Your card has not been granted access - get the Abacus helpdesk to sort it out;
  2. Your card is old, dirty or damaged and needs to be re-magnetised - enquire at the Student Service Centre (building 101);
  3. You are swiping it wrong - get Abacus staff to show you how it's done!

Using the Abacus Labs

How do I Log On to the computers?

You will need to activate your OASIS account to log onto any Abacus machines. You can get Abacus staff to do this for you (bring your student ID to the helpdesk) or you can do it yourself from the OASIS website. Make sure to note down your basic OASIS details (username, email address) when they are displayed.

Once your OASIS account has been active for at least 15 minutes, you can log into the machines using the username you were provided and the password you set yourself.

How do I activate my student card for printing?

Curtin has implementing the new POLAR System (Printing Online and Recharge) which will replace the existing printing and photocopying systems on campus. POLAR will enable you to print, photocopy and add credit anywhere on campus using your Curtin Student ID Card.

To access your POLAR account, you will first need to activate your Curtin Student ID Card at an Activation station or EFTPOS kiosk. These are available in Abacus Labs buildings 303, 408 and 501, the Library building 105, CBS building 402, Engineering building 204 and Humanities building 201.For Further information see the guides on the wall in these buildings

How do I print from the Abacus Labs?

You can print from any computer in the Abacus Labs but you will need to release print jobs at the printer station. Use your activated student card at the swipe reader. Please follow the prompts or alternatively read the guides located at the printer stations or ask a Abacus Staff Member. All printers are monochrome (black and white) and each page costs 11 cents to print.

How do I Add Credit to my Student Card

Once your card has been activated, you can add credit to your MPS account online or with coins/notes:

  1. Online Recharge: Print Recharge is available within OASIS, instructions are available online:
  2. Blue Coin/Note Autoloader. Swipe your card across the card reader - your account balance will be displayed on the screen. Insert coins or notes and when complete press Exit. Coin/Note Autoloaders are located in the Abacus Labs (Buildings 303, 408 and 501) the Library (Building 105) Humanities (Building 201) and the Kalgoorlie Library.
  3. Each page printed costs approximately 3 cents for B&W, 20 cents for colour.

Can I scan images and documents from the Abacus Labs?

The Abacus Labs are equipped with scanners available all the time. The scanner PCs have an easy to use program on the desktop once you log in, with instructions on the lid of the scanner. If you require help using a scanner, don't hesitate to ask someone from the helpdesk.

Student Housing Network

For information on connecting to the Curtin Housing Network, view the Housing Internet Services Guide.

Wireless Access

For information on connecting to the Curtin Wireless network, visit Wireless networking at Curtin.

How do I increase my I: Drive or Oasis Email quota?

The default I: Drive and Oasis Email quotas are currently set at

Undergraduates - 20MB for your I: Drive and 20MB for your Oasis Email
Postgraduates - 50MB for your I: Drive and 50MB for your Oasis Email.

To increase the size of either of your quotas please print and fill out the appropriate form, and submit it to the Student Service Centre. Furthur details are on the form.

Request to increase I: Drive quota: pdf doc
Request to increase Oasis Email quota: pdf doc

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